Profit Or Loss Calculators

Retention Ratio - Online retention ratio calculator calculates proportion of net income retained to fund the operational needs of a business.

Dividend Payout Ratio [DPR] - The dividend payout ratio calculator calculates the percentage of net income that is distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends during the year.

ROA (Return On Assets) - Online finance return on assets (ROA) calculator calculates how efficiently a company can manage its assets to produce profits during a period.

ROE (Return on Equity) - Online finance Return on equity (ROE) calculator calculates how much profit a company generates from shareholders' equity.

Logarithmic Rate of Return - Online logarithmic rate of return (log return) finance calculator to calculate profit on an investment over a period of time.

Dividend Payout Ratio - Online dividend payout ratio calculator to calculate amount of dividends paid to stockholders relative to the amount of total net income of a company

Active Return - Online finance calculator to calculate active return (excess return) to that segment of the returns in an investment portfolio.

Net Profit Margin - Online finance net profit calculator to calculate percentage of revenue after operating expenses by using net profit margin formula.