CalcVerter is an online tool that helps to calculate or convert mathematical calculations easily. Currently supports calculations from algebra, area, civil, computer science, demography, education, finance, geometry, and more categories.

CalcVerter conversion utility that helps to convert angle, area, astronomy, binary bits, density, dynamic viscosity, frequency, gas flow, heat transfer, high pressure, kinematic viscosity, length, liquid flow, low pressure, mass, mass flow, numbers, speed, supercomputers, tangential tension, torque, volume, and more SI units online. Also you can download conversion units chart, table in excel (xls) format.

CalcVerter A - Z mathematical dictionary provides list of math terms and their definitions, meaning online. This free math dictionary filled with illustrative diagrams and a quick-reference formula of major terms used in maths. The purpose of this dictionary is to collect in one place reference information that is valuable for students of mathematics and for persons with careers that use math in an easy way.

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